Collection: BMX Wheelie Bikes

Wheelie bikes are a natural evolution of BMX bikes that we’ve seen before. In the early 80’s when BMX racing started getting a little too serious for some folks, they started focusing on the jumps and tricks that were possible on those fun little machines, and Freestyle BMX was born. Now a few decades down the road, and Freestyle itself has progressed to an incredible level where sometimes it feels like we’re watching a video game.  Wheelie Bikes, Big BMX Bikes, 29er BMX, 26 BMX, even Cruisers...these terms are all describing the same thing in 2020: A style of bike that’s inspiring a new generation of riders to just get out, goof around on bikes and have fun. No super-technical, high-consequence X-Games trickery, no gate start practice...just good times only.