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Jamis Bikes

Jamis Bikes Hardline C4

Jamis Bikes Hardline C4

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Jamis Bikes Hardline C4 imagine having two bikes in one, that’s essentially what we’ve got with 3VO. The tuned multi-phase leverage ratio with initial rising rate provides an unparalleled pedaling platform while remaining keenly adept at sustaining repeated bumps without holdup. Up to just beyond the sag point, the system employs a slight rising rate. Some designs claim an initial falling rate with high initial leverage improves sensitivity and responsiveness, but these claims seem more driven by a need to market a deficiency than by any genuine benefit. Why? Because up until the sag point of the bike, sensitivity and responsiveness are primarily felt when the suspension is able to extend, not compress. The 3VO system excels at stepping down off of ledges and into holes in the trail, without disrupting forward momentum or wallowing during compression. An initial rising rate is almost always more energy efficient and responsive than an initial falling rate.

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